Think Green. Breathe. Heal. For a Cause

Who is Cosmic Swami 

Yoga Clothing for a Cause. Made & Designed in the USA.

Cosmic Swami Ethic's

We created Cosmic Swami with the intention of Feeding One Million Starving Children a Supplemental Food called VitaMeal. You can also Donate/Buy Vitameal. We are committed to Donating 10% of the Profits of Cosmic Swami, Inc. exclusively to this Cause. We also are also Committed to Partnering with other Companies which Support Charitable Causes.

Our Partners

We have Partnered with the Following Yoga Brands who Cosmic Swami has found closely follows our Ethics. We are Imperfect Human's so we do make mistakes. We can also Heal, Forgive and Learn from our mistakes. This is part of the Cosmic Swami Journey. 

  Feed the ChildrenOrganic Yoga ClothesThe Best Anti Aging Skin Care Products

Cosmic Swami Says:

When you were born you did not come with a Owner's Manual; Swami rules make life easier.

Cosmic Swami Rules:

  1. You are born with this body. Love it or Hate it. It is your's for this Cosmic Journey.
  2. You will learn lesson's. You are enrolled in a school called 'Life'; Every person or situation is a Cosmic Lesson.
  3. There are NO MISTAKES, Only Lesson's. Growth is a process of experimentation. "Failure's" are as important as "Success".
  4. A Lesson is repeated until it is Learned. It will be presented in many forms until you learn the lesson. Then you can go on to the next lesson.
  5. If you don't learn easy lesson's, they get harder. External problems reflect your Internal Problems. When you fix your Internal problems, your External situation will change.
  6. You will know when you learned a lesson when your actions change.  Wisdom is Patience, Patience is Practice. A little bit of something is better than a lot of nothing.
  7. "There" is No Better than "Here". When "Here" becomes "There" you will simply be given another "There" that looks better than "Here". Beware.
  8. Others are only Mirrors of You. You Cannot Love or Hate Something about Another unless it reflects something you Love or Hate about Yourself.
  9. Your Life is Up to You. Life Provides a Canvas; You do the Painting. Take Charge of your Life or Someone Else will take Charge for You.
  10. You always get what you want. Your thoughts determine what energies, experiences and people you attract.  Therefore positive thoughts attract positive people, negative thoughts attract negative people. There are No Victims only Students.
  11.  There is No Right or Wrong, but there is Karma. Moral Judgement does Not Help and only hold Negative patterns in place. Just do your best and follow Cosmic Swami's Rules.
  12. Your Answers lie Within you. Children need Guidance from Others; As we mature we trust our hearts, Where the laws of Spirit are Written. You know more than you have been told or have heard & read from others. All you need to do is Look, Listen, and Trust.
  13. You will Forget all of Cosmic Swami's rules.
  14. You can remember any time you want to remember.
  15. Namaste.


Our Team

Kamla-  Not Our Director

We are of one Cosmic family regardless of the public's 'Personal Tastes' we may not look like this Image in 'Real Life' But life is only an illusion. See Cosmic Swami Rules.

  Swami -  Marketer

Swami is in charge of Sales and Marketing. Swami has failed at over a hundred internet projects, websites and affiliate marketing ideas, and has spent thousands of hours on their personal education which was paid for out of their own pocket paid for by working several jobs to make ends meet yet never giving up on their dream of 'Internet Freedom'.

  Cosmic -  Manager

Good Looks don't get you anywhere or every where!? Even though the Picture's here are of 'Real People' we here at Cosmic Swami, Inc. Do not look like these pictures at all. Remember "Life is an illusion" including all the unpaid models in these photo's (Somebody Paid Them, Maybe?!) Dah.....

  Heather - It is Us Man-  Manager

We found Heather in a Guided Meditation, She 'Went for Broke' one night left the Shadows and Demon's of her past behind her; she got on an old rusty used bike with nothing but a large handbag and purse and headed for the 'Homeless Shelter'. We found her with Blister's on her Feet, and scratches on her ankles from 3 years of landscaping in the Hot Southern Sun. After plenty of Sleep Meditation and Home Decorating she now spends her spare time gardening as a hobby.